Are Solid Wood Cabinets Worth the Money?

Are Solid Wood Cabinets Worth the Money?

Are Solid Wood Cabinets Worth the Money?

When shopping for cabinets, solid wood always seems an obvious choice of material. Not only does it offer a gorgeous addition to your home, but the strong and sturdy nature means that these pieces will last for years to come. We've already looked at the price differences between solid wood and other cheaper materials, such as MDF,  in our other blogs. Today we're going to run down the pros and cons of spending extra on a solid wooden cabinet, and helping you decide if it is worth the money.

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Solid wood has long been known as a superior material by cabinet makers. From cherry, alder, maple or mango, the list of benefits is ever-growing. 

Strength & Durability 

Aside from being used to create gorgeous furniture, solid wood is used around the world to build bridges and homes. For this reason, solid wood is a perfect choice for cabinets which need to stand the test of time in busy family homes. 

Value for Money

Thanks to the durability of solid wood, cabinets can last for decades, meaning you will be getting more for your money in the long run. The initial outlay for solid wood is more expensive, however cheaper alternatives may need replacing more frequently. With a little love and care your cabinet will serve you well for the foreseeable future.


MFD and other cheaper materials cannot offer the unique, natural and beautiful grain patterns which solid wood can. Wooden cabinets can bring charm and warmth to any room they are placed in, with a wide range available to suit your décor. Different types of wood will offer different aesthetics, do your research to find the one which suits your style and taste.

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Range of Options 

There are numerous different wood species, each offering different qualities. Thanks to this you will have a range of options to chose from when buying your solid wood cabinet.

Cheaper Cabinet Options

Solid wood cabinets can be a costly option, therefore if your budget does not extend to afford this quality material, there are other options. Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is a type of engineered wood made of thin panels of wood fiber, resin, and wax. Known to be a level above plywood, MDF boards are denser, stronger, and more durable, making it perfect for cabinetry. Because it is not solid wood, and many homeowners look down at it as it is seen as a cheaper option. It also performs very differently compared to the more expensive option. But like solid wood cabinets, MDF board cabinets have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of MDF Board Cabinets

MDF boards are most commonly used in constructing cabinet doors, and there are many positive reasons why, including the following:
  • Cost-Effective: If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to solid wood that is still sturdy, you can opt for MDF. Because it is made from a mixture of materials, the MDF board cabinets' cost is substantially lower than solid wood cabinets.
  • No Warping & Cracking: With fluctuating temperature and humidity, solid wood cabinets are known to warp and crack if not cared for properly. MDF board cabinets do not have this problem as it is engineered to withstand fluctuating temperatures and humidity.

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Disadvantages Of MDF Board Cabinets

Even though MDF board cabinets have some fantastic benefits that solid wood cabinets don't have, it also has disadvantages. Before making your final decision on your cabinets, here are a few of the cons of MDF board cabinets:
  • No Grain: Because it is an engineered wood, MDF board cabinets do not have the beautiful and unique grain that solid wooden cabinets have.
  • You Can't Repair Scratches: If you happen to scratch your MDF cabinet, you need to know it is not easy to repair. Once damage occurs to this type of cabinet, you need to have it fixed immediately, even if it is a small nick. If the damage is left, it will weaken the structure of the cabinet.
  • Does Not Retain Its Value: Unlike solid wood cabinets, MDF cabinets does not retain its value. With time solid wood increases in value while MDF decreases.
  • Can Not Be Stained: With MDF board cabinets, your only option for decorating is painting it. Unfortunately, you can not stain the cabinet doors as the material will soak up everything that is put on it, and then it will start to swell.

Our Verdict: Are Solid Wood Cabinets Worth The Money?

We believe that the simple answer is yes! If you look at the pros and cons of solid wood cabinets vs other cabinet materials, solid wood always comes up on top. The high-quality material making the furniture durable, strong, and can last you a lifetime. MDF board cabinets have their benefits too if your budget doesn't stretch, however the overall quality and lifespan cannot compare to that of solid wood. Ultimately, as a homeowner, the choice is yours to make. Think carefully about what you need for your home, family and your budget, and make your decision accordingly.
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