Social & Environmental Information

Furniture Protection

Our suppliers use a product called Biflex TC to protect our products against termites. Biflex offers the longest protection period against termites in a safe, environment friendly and ‘green’ fashion. Biflex creates an invisible termite barrier that will give you peace of mind that comes only in knowing your investment has been protected professionally with the best termiticide treatment available.

Plastic Free Pledge

As a British company, we unfortunately see the impact of plastic use on a daily basis. We can’t clean up the country on our own, nor indeed the world, in one day, but we can certainly do our bit to ensure there’s a bit less plastic being used.

Cloth and paper alternatives may be more expensive to produce and ship, but our suppliers, and us, feel it’s an ethical responsibility to offer plastic free alternatives to our customers. In addition, it just doesn’t seem right to charge people for doing the right thing. Hence, we’ve made a conscious decision to not change prices for plastic free packaging, and our usual high standards won’t be compromised in any way.

Our suppliers have started this process already and pledge to remove plastic packaging from our products. Their target to achieve this is by the end of 2021.

Responsible Forestry

Deforestation is something that we’re incredibly concerned about. While this may seem odd coming from a furniture company, we here at Solid Wood Warehousestrive to ensure responsible forestry to let trees flourish while providing work for the hundreds of artisans that have practiced woodwork in their families for generations.

In an effort to strike a balance between quality, handcrafted furniture and the trees that we owe our existence to, our suppliers have long pledged to only use wood from commercial regenerative plantations. For our solid mango furniture, they use the wood from trees that have finished their commercial life producing mangoes. This means that they are effectively using waste material that would otherwise have to be burnt to make room for new saplings.

Fabric Compliance

All the fabric our suppliers use in our furniture products has been tested to comply with the very latest Fire-Retardant Standards for BS5852. Our suppliers keep the certification for all of the fabrics and retest the fabric whenever a new batch is manufactured.

Every item will have the necessary hanging tags and also has a stitched in label underneath to confirm it is compliant to the standards.

Lead Free Furniture

All paint and other finishes are lead free. The finishes are also added to the furniture in enclosed booths that ensure that the atmosphere is not contaminated with the particulates that can be emitted.