Ottomans & Footstools

A useful and versatile item of furniture, ottomans and footstools can be used in many areas around the home. With a wide array of designs available, a quality ottoman or footstool can provide much more than just somewhere to put your feet up.

Ottomans can be used as footstools, seats or even as tables, whilst also having the extra benefit of providing additional storage. By tradition, an ottoman should be fully upholstered so that the frame is not visible, which creates a visually appealing look. Ottomans and footstools are available in a wide selection of materials and colours, allowing you to choose an ottoman that fits in with your current colour scheme or style.

They can be used in many different rooms around the home. A traditional area to place a large ottoman is at the foot of a bed. This can provide a great place to store bedding and towels out of sight, whilst also providing somewhere to sit and get dressed. When designing the style of your bedroom, an ottoman can become a focal point of the room. With so many styles available, a high quality ottoman can add both style and practicality.

In living rooms and conservatories, ottomans and footstools can be used as seating or as a coffee table . Footstools are backless, but feature padded upholstered tops which make them great seats, especially when you require additional seating for hosting guests.

The flat top of an ottoman also allows it to double up as a coffee table and it is easy to accessorise. The additional storage space accessible by lifting the top provides a great way to keep items out of sight and your living room as clutter free as possible.

You could simply use your ottoman as a place to put your feet up after a tiring day. With so many possible uses, an ottoman is a great multi use item of furniture which can adapt to suit your needs.

Ottomans and footstools are designed to be durable and hardwearing. As their frames are fully upholstered, it allows for additional strengthening of the inner frame which can increase durability without impacting on the look of the furniture.

It is down to personal preference which outer fabric you decide on, but all materials are chosen to be hardwearing and comfortable. Whether you are looking for a basic ottoman to create some additional storage space or a high quality ottoman from a luxury designer brand, there are options available at a wide range of price points to suit all budgets. All ottomans and footstools available from Solid Wood Warehouse are made using solid wood, ensuring they'll last for many years to come.

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