Solid Wood TV Stands & Entertainment Units

Solid Wood TV Stands & Entertainment Units

TV and Entertainment Stands

Our range of solid wooden TV stands and entertainment units are strong, durable and designed to carry the weight of modern day electrical equipment and gadgets. Available in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours with many entertainment stands also offering a variety of storage solutions, we're sure you'll find the perfect stand to suit your home. All of the TV stands available from Solid Wood Warehouse have been handmade using sustainably sourced mango wood, meaning you can relax knowing your perfect unit hasn't impacted the environment!

Entertainment Cabinets

TV and entertainment cabinets can be made from wood such as oak, solid pine or mahogany which offer a traditional feel and are often decorated with elaborate drawer and door handles. Wooden cabinets tend to be heavy and therefore provide a reliable base for even the largest of TVs. As already mentioned, all of the TV stands from Solid Wood Warehouse are made from solid mango wood.

Contemporary cabinets can also be made from glass and have a high gloss finish. These often sit on wheels and are easy to maneuver from room to room. Glass stands with a vintage finish can feature everything from ornate carvings to glass panels with antiqued silver edging. Whilst these stands can be practical and stylish, if you're looking for something which is timeless and will stand the test of time, solid wood is the way to go.

Corner Units

As their name suggests, corner units are designed to be pushed right back into the corner of a room and therefore save as much floor space as possible. Corner units can also double up as cabinets or bookshelves providing plenty of storage space for additional household objects. They are therefore a practical choice for space savers looking for simple and practical ways to keep their home tidy.

TV Stands

The type of TV stand you opt for will depend on both the style of your home and the size of TV you own. Long, thin TV stands made from glass or wood, for example, are a reliable choice for flat screen television sets. They can be pushed back against any straight wall and are not too bulky to look at. Unusually shaped stands, on the other hand, are visually impressive and often have multiple shelves that can be used to display your television and other gadgets such as controllers.

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