Tips on selecting the perfect TV stand

After a long day there is nothing quite like sitting down to catch up on your favorite tv series. Selecting the right tv stand for your living or bedroom is paramount to enhance your viewing experience. The perfect tv needs an equally perfect stand to rest upon. Solid Wood Warehouse have listed the below tips to help you get it spot on.

Match the room size

Your tv stand is most likely the central point of your bedroom or living room, but that doesn't mean it should be too large. A good tip is to measure the size of your room before you start the search, so that you can ensure your unit is right for the size of the room. With safety in mind, you should aim for a unit that is approximately 20% longer in length than your TV. Flat-screen TVs usually have a base which will distribute the weight evenly however you risk knocking the TV off the stand if the cabinet is too small. You also want to make sure that the unit you purchase is suitable to support the weight of your TV.

The correct viewing height

Getting the right height of your TV is absolutely key to an enjoyable viewing experience. This may not be easy but the best rule of thumb is to measure your eye level when seated and ensure that the central area of the TV isn't far above your line of sight.

The shape of your room

When browsing for the perfect TV stand for your room, it is key to think about the shape of the room. If you're lucky enough to have a large proportioned room, as long as the overall style matches your living or bedroom decoration, most size and shapes will look good. If you have an oddly shaped room this doesn't mean you cant find the stand of your dreams. If you have a narrow room or want a stand to fit perfectly into a corner, search for units that offer these features.

A style that matches the room

Each home is decorated differently, which means not all tv stands will look perfect in every home. Lucky for you, Solid Wood Warehouse have such a huge range of solid wood tv stands that we're confident that you'll find a style, shape and colour to match your special place. If you already have coffee tables or sideboards, try to match the styles and colours. If you're starting to chose your furniture from scratch you're in a better position as you can buy all of these items from the same place, ensuring they all match and complement each other perfectly.

Storage is key!

WiFi, DVD players, games consoles - they all need somewhere to live. Your own family life will dictate how much storage or shelves your tv stand needs, but make sure all of these items will fit comfortably before you make your choice. If you have a collection of DVDs then you'll want a cupboard or drawer built in to minimum on clutter. Having extra space on top of your tv unit will allow you to display photos or candles beautifully. The majority of tv stands from Solid Wood Warehouse have ample storage space to meet a range of requirements.

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