Avoid These Common Solid Wood Furniture Mistakes

Solid wood is one of the highly preferred materials for furniture. May it be wood dining tables, cabinets, or chairs. The popularity of wood can be attributed to its myriad of undeniable benefits. It is timeless, durable, and exquisite. However, you might get overexcited that you shop without doing extensive research. In the end, you will end up compromising your needs and wants.

There are plenty of things you need to factor in before purchasing. It would be best to learn about furniture care, buying tips, and maintenance. Moreover, you need to be cautious about the mistakes that could reduce the value of your furniture. This post highlights the common mistakes you should avoid with wood furniture.

The Importance of Proper Care of Wooden Furniture

Today’s popular modern home trends come and go. However, raw wood furniture is timeless, highly valued, and beautiful. Behind the items of furniture that you see are days of dedicated woodwork.

Having wooden furniture in your home can truly add value and character. Given its durability, it can impart that same value as you pass it down through generations . However, its value will only hold up with proper maintenance. It’s essential to know how to take care of your wood furniture if you want your furniture to last.

Common Wood Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

No matter how good the quality of your solid wood furniture is, it is still susceptible to wear and tear. If you want the life of your furniture to last, it’s essential to maintain it properly. The most effective way to care for your wooden furniture is to read its care instructions.

Make sure that you ask the furniture manufacturer about cleaning and maintenance. Each wood type is different. Some instructions include which type of polish or oil to use on your particular piece. Look through your product specification sheets. We have listed below the common mistakes in wood furniture you should avoid.

Exposing to the Elements

Avoid exposing your wood furniture to outside elements. Natural factors, such as rain and sunlight can cause damage to its quality. For instance, wood is porous. Suppose wood gets wet often; its membranes will permeate over time. Water is the leading cause of the wood to soften, rot, and dismantle.

Moreover, water exposure will compromise the structure of the wood. It will lead to mould growth and costly repairs. On the other hand, exposing wood to sunlight and heat can cause its colour to fade.

High Humidity Exposure

For your solid wood furniture to last, it must be kept in well-maintained conditions. The required temperature is between 60–80 degrees. Its humidity range should be 35 to 55 percent. When humidity rises, wood will expand, swell, and creak. In some severe cases, wood will crack and break.

Ignoring Insect Infestation

Insects are a factor you need to consider when buying a new piece of wooden furniture. Insects like powderpost beetles and carpenter ants are attracted to wood. You should watch out for these insects before an infestation occurs. They may seem small and harmless, but they can cause severe damage to your wood furnishings. In the case of an insect infestation, make sure to call pest control immediately.

Improper Handling

Do not mistreat your furniture. Handle your wood furniture with care. For instance, if you have a wooden dining table, use a coaster and placemats. Avoid placing cutlery and dishes directly on the wood surface. Moreover, avoid using the wrong type of cleaning supplies.

Not Cleaning Regularly

Dust and other airborne particles can damage the wood. Once they accumulate a thin layer on the wood surface, they can leave scratches and destroy the natural colour of the wood. Dust your wood furniture regularly using a delicate cloth. Never use rough materials to clean as they can cause scrapes. Be wary of the use of cleaning products. Some cleaning products contain a liquid stripper. This can remove a piece’s current finish. The use of vinegar is also an easy way to clean wood furniture.


Pro Tip

Proper care of wood furnishing is important to ensure that it will last for years and beyond. You just need to avoid the common wood furniture mistakes to make this possible.


Get Your Wooden Furniture From Solid Wood Warehouse

Without a doubt, solid wood furniture makes an exceptional addition to your home’s interior design. But, no matter how durable wood is, it is still susceptible to wear and tear. Without proper maintenance, it can get damaged with time. If you want the best results, make sure to ask for care instructions from your furniture provider. Furthermore, avoid making the critical mistakes we stated above.

To help you avoid common wood furniture care mistakes, do thorough research first. Researching will help you avoid the mistake in purchasing and save you costly repair fees.

FAQs on Avoid These Common Wood Furniture Mistakes

How often should I oil wood furniture?

If you have wood furniture with oil-and-wax or stain-and-wax finishes, you should oil them at least once or twice a year. You can also use oil on your furniture when the wood furniture piece looks dry.

Is lemon oil or orange oil better for wood?

Orange oil is the most common choice for oiling wood. You can apply it to any wood finish. Orange oil can also remove dust and dirt.

How to determine the quality of wood furniture?

There are numerous ways to distinguish the quality of a new piece of wooden furniture.  You can try checking the joints. It might be a warning of shoddy construction if you see that nails or staples hold their corners. You can also identify the quality of the type of wood — research hardwoods and softwoods. Lastly, you can check by pressing your fingernail into the wood surface. It might not be durable or scratch-resistant if it leaves a scratch or a mark.

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