Finding the Perfect solid wood Coffee Table

A coffee table is a focal point that has the power to link together a living space, and a solid wood coffee table is a perfect statement to make in your home.

At Solid Wood Warehouse, we believe solid wood furniture like a coffee table can add beauty and elegance to any room.

We take pride in each item of furniture that we supply and know what to look for when it comes to fine furniture pieces, including the all-important coffee table.

Your coffee table is the unsung hero of your living room or lounge and we want to help you find the perfect one for your home. Consider these factors when looking for the right wood coffee table for your home:


Coffee tables can achieve different looks depending on your home’s interior design. Our range of products stretch from the most simplistic of styles to the most stylish for any room. In addition, different layouts call for various styles, which require different designs.

Traditional Design

The traditional design aesthetic uses colour and pattern through elements like wallpaper and furniture pieces. The design elements are classic and can work with antique fixtures, making a wood coffee table fit perfectly.

Our Country Style Coffee Table can work in traditionally designed homes depending on the type of wood you prefer. Its chunky solid wood legs with a wood finish top will complete your living room’s traditional design. The drawers provide discrete yet hand storage space to keep your lounge clutter free.

Mid-Century Modern Design

In the last decade, we’ve seen a significant rise in mid-century modern design influences from architects and interior designers. A few key features of this popular design trend are sleek lines using organic and geometric shapes mixed with non-traditional items.

If your home is designed in a modern style, then clean colours and patterns work perfectly. Our White Honeycomb Coffee Table complements a wide range of modern designed living spaces.


At Solid Wood Warehouse we are committed to supplying solid wood furniture which as been made using sustainable materials which will last for years with a little love and care. You can read more about how buying mango wood furniture helps our planet, whilst allowing you to find the perfect statement piece for your home. Our Social and Environmental Responsibility pledge provides information on all of the steps our suppliers take to be kinder to our planet.

You want your new coffee table to be your last table. So with all the right elements and design, you will find your perfect table.

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