Getting 'furniture-ready' for Christmas!

Getting 'furniture-ready' for Christmas!

Our homes work hard for us all year round but it’s safe to say that the festive season is when we come to expect so much more of it. From additional company at dinner and impromptu drop-ins by the family, to hosting Christmas dinner, more cosy nights in front of the TV and plenty of overnight guests, this time of year, our homes are expected to expand to our ever-changing requirements.

How do you ensure that your home is up to the task? With some clever furniture and planning, you’ll find having the right pieces to meet the demands of the Christmas season can make all the difference.

Your Dining Room

If your dining table normally only needs to accommodate four family members but you’re expecting eight for Christmas dinner, an extending dining table will be your answer. With extra space that hides away when not in use, you can comfortably accommodate a larger group only when you need it. Forget the pasting table, upgrade your home with some premium quality solid wood furniture!

Solid Wood Dining Table

For extra seating, benches work especially well for their ability to squeeze a few more bodies in place (especially children). When they aren’t required at the dining table, benches come in handy almost anywhere else in the house – from your hallway to the bedroom and beyond – and are easy to move whenever additional seating is required.

If you are lacking table top space, consider using a sideboard as a place to set out food buffet-style or as additional prep space in a pinch.

Solid Wood Sideboard

The Living Room

After a day of eating far too much food, nothing beats sitting down in front of the TV with your friends and family. A coffee table is always handy for those extra mugs of tea, or mulled wine! They can be called in for service as additional surfaces for canapés when entertaining.

Again, our range of solid wood sideboards are so versatile that they can be used as a make shift bar area for your Christmas parties. A simple tray to hold glasses, a few of your favorite mixers and beverages, a bucket of ice, napkins and cocktail stirrers will act as the go-to area for guests to prepare their own drinks, rather than crowding into your kitchen.

If you want to really impress, take a look at our Solid Wood Drinks Cabinet! Perfect for storing bottles of wine and spirits.

Solid Wood Wine Cabinet

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