How to Care for Solid Wood Furniture

All of our furniture has been hand-crafted using solid wood from mango trees. As wood is a living thing, it is important to take care so that your new furniture lasts for years to come.

Placing your furniture in direct sunlight or near a radiator can cause movement in the wood and cause decay, so make sure you find the perfect spot to keep your solid wood furniture looking it's best!

If you purchase a piece of furniture that features non-painted parts, such as brass handles, you can occasionally polish these areas using bees wax which will help retain sheen for a longer lifespan.

Natural wood isn't heat or water proof, and it is also not a fan of chemicals! No one likes cup or glass marks on top of their tables or drawers so we highly recommend using a coaster to protect against this. If you do spill, wipe it up immediately with a lint-free cloth.

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