Solid Wood Bedside Tables & Cabinets

Solid wood bedside tables offer convenience, functionality, storage, and style. Keeping all your essentials on a table next to your bed can save you from having to get up in the middle of the night to grab something that you may unexpectedly need. Their storage capability can also help you clear up or even alleviate clutter from your room. Night lamps and alarm clocks are traditionally stored on them. However, new models offer more usability.

Solid wood beside tables and cabinets for each type of space

There are multiple types of solid wood bedside tables to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you plan to include them solely for aesthetics, to save space, or a combination of the two, here are some of their layout options:

  • Minimalistic table - This table commonly allows its eye-catching design to supersede its storage. Ideal for minimal storage keeping, it usually consists of a tabletop that is supported by two, three, or four legs.
  • Shelving - Many of these kinds of bedside tables include user-friendly shelving which allows you to store your novelties for space-saving purposes. Some bedside tables have only shelves while others incorporate a mixture of shelves and drawers.
  • Cabinets - This style of bedside table couples drawers and doors in its design, increasing its accessible storage. Some of these types of tables replace the supplemental door with large compartments that resemble a chest of drawers.
How tall should a bedside table and cabinet measure?

Purchasing a solid wood beside table or cabinet with the appropriate height for your bed is common. The top of the table should align with your mattress top to enable you to easily reach over and access your specific need. Measure your bed's height as well as the bedside table and cabinet for peak comfort and ease.

The appeal of solid wood bedside tables and cabinets

Solid wood bedside tables and cabinets aren't limited to a specific type of wood. Other wood types could include Mexican pine wood, reclaimed wood, and oak. Wood finishes you could choose per your styling preferences could include dark and washed. In addition, the wood could be painted a solid colour or with designs and feature brass and cement.

Solid wood bedside tables and cabinets are often handmade and resemble many styles and time periods. Some include mid-century modern, rustic, vintage, retro, farmhouse, and Scandinavian. Beyond the bedroom, they are useful in the living room, hallway, and more.

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