The Benefits of Buying Solid Wood Furniture

Now, we hear you, solid wood furniture can be much more expensive than flatpack or veneer. You may even wonder what reasons there are to justify the difference in price? We've detailed the top reasons why solid wood furniture wins every time if you're looking for stylish furniture which lasts for years.

- Solid wood furniture is incredibly durable. When you invest in solid wood furniture for your home you're getting a product that can last for years with a little love and care. It is not uncommon for solid wood furniture to be passed from generation to generation as they keep their gorgeous look for so long.

- The lifespan of a piece of wooden furniture in itself makes the initial outlay a better investment in the long run. Furniture which is less durable, cheaper and made in high volume factories may need to be replaced more often due to parts failing and the item not standing the test of time.

- All of the solid wood furniture from Solid Wood Warehouse has character! The natural grains and knots make each piece of solid wood furniture unique, who wants to have the same furniture as thousands of other people anyway?! This helps to create real character in your home and will surely be a focal point when you're hosting family and friends. The whole personality of solid wood furniture really livens up any space within your home.

- Had your solid wood furniture for a few years and fancy a change?! Go for it! Thanks to it's durability, many pieces can be sanded down and repainted into a totally different design! If you're someone who likes to redesign their colour scheme every few years, you can repurpose your furniture instead of buying new.

- Versatility and solid wood go hand in hand. Regardless if your home décor is vintage, mid-century modern, industrial, minimalist, rustic or quirky, you're sure to find something that will complement your tastes perfectly.

- Solid wood furniture makes an impression on guests to your home thanks to it's charm, character and elegance, and because it displays it's high quality within it's appearance, solid wood furniture is impressive and totally unique.

When we browse the internet looking for literally anything that we want to buy, we naturally and immediately conduct a cost vs benefit analysis without even realizing it. If you're a bargain hunter you may look at a solid wood TV stand that costs hundreds of pounds and think "no way!, I can get flat pack for half the price" - you need to stop and think of the age old adage; if you buy cheap you buy twice! Save yourself money in the long run by buying solid wood furniture to last for years to come (oh, and no getting frustrated with assembly instructions!)

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