The Fascination with Floating Bedside Tables

It's long been clear to see, the UK has a strong love for floating bedside tables in the bedroom, and it's easy to see why! We're going to delve into what powers the love for this simple yet perfect bedroom must have.

Space Saving

With house prices on the rise in the UK, space is a premium! This is one of many reasons why so many Brits opt for a floating option over the usual chunky alternatives. Floating bedside tables have a much smaller footprint when compared with standing bedsides. As the bedsides are wall mounted, more of your floor area remains visible, creating an illusion of more, open space. The lack of legs provides extra room for storage underneath. Almost all of our solid wood floating bedside tables have a good sized drawer, allowing you to keep bits and pieces close at hand for bedtime.

Solid Wood Bedside Tables | Solid Wood Warehouse


Now, we're not going to mention the C-19 word, but who wants to sleep with dust mites living next to (or in) their bed?! A solid wooden floating bedside makes hoovering much easier, allowing you to get underneath without having to move your furniture out of the way. A perfect solution for those who like to clean quickly and those who may be unable to shift heavy pieces of solid wood furniture around.

They look AMAZING!

Looking for a super easy way to create a sleek and contemporary look within your bedroom? Stop looking! Our range of floating bedsides are handcrafted and unique in a variety of designs, allowing you to find something perfect to suit your décor. 

Solid Wood Floating Bedside Drawers | Solid Wood Warehouse

Cost Efficient

As floating bedside drawers use less material and takes less time to create, they're usually a more cost effective purchase than a full size alternative. If you want a quality solid wooden bedside on a budget then these are a great option.

Under Bed Storage

Purchased a regular bedside only to realise you can no longer access the under bed storage built into your divan?! Fear not! For those of us with access to limited space, we know how vital it is to maximise every inch of storage space, and blocking that with a full size bedside is just a no no, unless you fancy moving it every time you want to get something out of storage! 

Easy to install

All of the floating bedsides sold by Solid Wood Warehouse are mounted on the wall by using a simple yet effective shelf bracket. A few screws later and your bedroom companion will serve you well for years to come. Need to temporarily remove the bedside for any reason? No problem, you can hook it off within seconds.

Solid Wood Floating Bedside Tables | Solid Wood Warehouse

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